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Saturday, June 28, 2014

10 Reasons You Have a dysFUNctional Family...

I noticed something about blogs that have been getting a lot of views and being shared around over the web. They all list things! I thought to myself, "Heck! I could post something that listed an important aspect of my life!" So here it is folks... 10 reasons you have a dysFUNctional family!

I was born in New York and the culture there is A LOT different then it is in Arkansas. Some of my family members have said this very sentence, "People from the south are slow and stupid." Yes, I was born in New York, but Arkansas IS my home. It brings me great joy that we moved to Arkansas because it taught me how to be humble. I don't feel like I'm home when I'm in New York which upsets me more than anyone will ever know. I grew up in a wonderful state where my friend's grandparents were next door or just down the road. I missed the opportunity to have that type of atmosphere with my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. When I go back to New York, it's weird to see them and they not understand who I am or the steps that I took to get to where I am today.

I was told that I should never have to explain myself for the way that I do things because I have my own unique personality. That's how my family is. While some may call us rude, crude, and socially unacceptable... I believe that we are unique because of our personality as a family. We all have our quirks that make our families special to us so why should we change who we are when we are around company or even our extended family? 

Check out these ten things that have made my family dysFUNctional!

1. We fart.
Everyone does it, it shouldn't be that surprising or disgusting. Every time my family gets together for a family dinner my dad will fart, my mom will drop her fork on her plate and act like she's surprised as she says, "Really Fred?!" She tries to be frustrated, but in all actuality we can't stop laughing.

2. We eat with our elbows on the table.
Just because we eat fancy food, doesn't' mean we shouldn't be able to dig in?! Am I right?

3. Coasters? What's that?!
An Aunt of mine asked me if I knew the purpose for using a coaster over Christmas break. I'm not stupid, I understand the purpose and I can't believe she said that. Those little ring stains on our tables? Those were made from memories.

4. Our furniture comes from Estate Sales.
The couch we have in the living room is the only thing we bought new. Everything else we got for a bargain. We aren't in the business to impress and we know that it doesn't match. We spend our money on things that matter.

5. Footrest?
That's what the coffee table is for. Seriously though, who wants to buy uncomfortable furniture just to impress company?

6. We can talk about awkward topics comfortably.
If you can't talk to your family about what actually goes on in your life, there's no point. Your family is there to help you not make the same mistakes they did. I know, it's insane that they actually understand what happens in the world!

7. Dirty jokes aren't rare.
It has come to the point where I can come up with a dirtier joke than my dad (thank you RTV boys). It's rare, but when it happens we applaud each other for fast thinking and come backs.

8. Politics.
My dad knows everything when it comes to politics. If you are going to mention something about the society, you better be ready for an hour long conversation. I'm pretty sure he knows we aren't really listening. I just think he likes the sound of his own voice!

9. Mess with us.
You mess with one of us and you'll get the wrath of all of us. If you think you can talk behind my sisters back to me and get away with it... you're real funny.

10. The welcome mat is there for a reason.
We actually want to welcome you! Once you step in our house, you're part of the family. The door is always open and you can walk in whenever you want. 

People look at my family and wonder how we operate on a day to day basis. With my dad having his business right next to the living room, my mom having her business at the other end of the house, and all the craziness in-between. We operate from a few things that we learned through the good book. We forgive, love, care, and extend a hand. If we have to put a mask on in front of each other, there's something wrong. We should be able to talk about anything and even have the occasional PMS break downs at the dinner table. We often chose netflix and ice cream over work and we are okay with that. And best of all... we don't need a game or movie to be the reason we spend time together. We spend time together through real conversations because we want to and because we love each other. 

If people tell you that you have a dysfunctional family... remind them that word wouldn't be possible without "FUN" in the middle.

"But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15b)


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