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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I'm trying something new and it's a way different then ever before. 

I'm depending my faith on God and only God. 

Wait a second? Did I just say that?! How can I be writing all these Christian posts and not have faith in God? Simple. I had my faith in God through other people. That's what most people do if you think about it.

You a see a unmarried person that you know goes to church looking at pregnancy tests in Walmart. What does your brain automatically say? "Oh my goodness. She's pregnant? She's having sex outside of marriage? But She's a Christian! She goes to church! It's fakers like her that ruin our faith!"

WHY?! Why is SHE ruining YOUR faith?! Hense it's YOUR faith! 

Why do YOU believe in God? Is it because you were raised to? You met a person that made a difference in your life that was a Christian? You came to understand that you need God in your life?

I did that once or twice. I depended my full faith on one person. I didn't have a relationship that was directly God and I. I had a middle man. It didn't seem like it was a problem because I was constantly at church, but when you realize that these people that are middle men between you and God are indeed human, it destroys your faith. You have to start all over. 

Going to church is a great thing, don't get me wrong. It helps you to connect and relate with other believers, but it shouldn't become the only way you connect with God. Take time to make reasons for you to have your own faith!

I started this last semester... slowly letting go. That is my advice to you. Slowly let go of your middle man and allow the relationship that you have between you and God be between you and God. Don't take anyone elses words become higher than HIS. 

Our Calling is to draw people to Jesus through our actions... being the light of the world... That's a lot to swallow though... Now we're on the other side of the coin. What happens when people see actions we do and take them higher then God's word? Do we beat ourselves up? 

Take a while to chew on this first topic... and then we'll look to scripture for this second part. 


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