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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Happy Happy...

No, I am not referencing Duck Dynasty... I am in fact HAPPY! 

It's been a long haul to get to Fall Break, but I made it! And all in one piece! It was my first time to go home since coming to school and I was so thrilled! It was nice to sit on my couch and do absolutely nothing.

I got to see a lot of my church family while I was in town. I managed to catch a stray dog and find a family for her! It's always an adventure when I go home!

I did learn a few things while I was home though. It was a good weekend of letting go and letting God take control of the situation. Last week I went to the doctor because I was physically unable to function without sleeping through the day. It was extremely inconvenient. I was so tired of being tired and upset all the time. Ended up that I've been dealing with depression. 

I'm not going to say that my problems are worse than your problems, but it's something that I deal with in my brain. Yes, a lot of things have happened recently to make it worse, but besides that, I'm a normal person just like you. I just have a trigger in my brain that doesn't work properly. I got some good medication to help me as well as a good support system. The past few days of starting this medication, I have seen an incredible difference! 

The hardest things I've been dealing with is Jason Molitor's death. He was such a great man and I can't think of any better way to honor his life than to live out what he taught. I will start by practicing the fruits of the spirit since that is how he lived. Jason was full of love, he always was putting others before himself. He could make you laugh at your own jokes even when you knew they weren’t funny. If you needed a place to cry, he would sit there and give you his shoulder – no words were needed, it was a pure place of peace. Patience must have been his middle name, I never saw him running around in a panic, he knew who was in control and it wasn’t him, it was God. Jason always did acts of random kindness. If he noticed something out of place, he would offer a hand and always a prayer to get things back on track. To live life that happy he must have been grateful! It’s almost like he never wasted a moment when it came to living God’s will. The way he treated his family was with gentleness. He knew the art of being a father and a husband and it was by keeping God in the center of his home. The gentle spirit of God lived in him and he lived it out in his daily life. Even when someone tested his limits, he always extended love. I just think back to the days when his daughters were young. He would hold them in his arms for the whole church service, kiss their forehead and sing with them. With all the work that he did I can’t imagine the stress he had to deal with, but you could never tell. It wasn’t that he held it all in, but he had self-control. He put his energy into doing good things for others. Jason was good, full of these fruits and more. 

It would be a shame to water down my life and become mad at God for taking him away, that wouldn’t do me any good. Jason left a legacy and even though his life was short, he taught me in a tangible way how to be a follower of Jesus Christ. What will I do in my life to show God I was grateful for Jason? I will live with Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gratefulness, and Self-Control! (Galatians 5:22-23)

Before I sign off I want to ask a favor of you all. One of my very good friends is going through something that I believe is one of the toughest things a girl can deal with. Please lift her up in your prayers that she might take the time to heal and understand that God's will has a point! 


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