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Thursday, August 8, 2013


At 9:56pm as I was getting out of the shower, I went to reach for my leave-in conditioner, but instead reached for my deodorant. It would be assumed that I would notice such a different shape and mixture in my hand, but I didn't. I continued to put my deodorant on, as I went to put the cap on I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself, "Why did you put on deodorant before you're going to bed?" It doesn't make sense at all to do such a thing as freshen a newly cleaned body right before bed. Or does it?

I examined this subject a little bit farther, deodorant. The purpose of this product is to prevent future stench from escaping into public. It's not to cover up stench that might already be there. Unless you're like me and often forget to put it on util it's too late. Looking at the purpose of such a simple invention can make you examine your own life. I started thinking about all the things that I do in my life to prepare for "stench". Living in Arkansas, I've come to an understanding that tornado season isn't a joke. What do I do? Make a safety box with all the items needed and place it in my safe room. In case a tornado were to come, I would be prepared. That's an obvious one, but there are other things I must think about as well. What happens when I say something I shouldn't in public, offend someone, even scar someone permanently? There's not a safety box for those things I can always be carrying around. If I did have one, it would weigh me down pretty heavy.

Just in this past day I've started to realize that my true deodorant is Jesus. He's already died for my sins. He's paid the FULL price, not just part. I have to have FULL faith in him that He (the creator of the universe and my life) just might happen to know what He is doing. He protects me from the stench of my sin. 

Let's get this right though. God isn't a cover up for the stench that's already there. He isn't a can of axe. He's the protection before we put ourselves in situations where we will sweat. That's why we have the Bible. To prepare us, keep our water running to clean us off after a long day. 

Deodorant. All of this came from me putting on deodorant before going to bed. 


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