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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mrs. O'Quinn...

Today I'm going to dedicate my blog to Mrs. O'Quinn, my principal from Kindergarten and First Grade! She is the most incredible person that I know!

Mrs. O'Quinn goes to my home church in Arkadelphia. I always thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world the my principal went to the same church as me! She would give the Children's moments at church sometimes and she always had the coolest things to give to us! 

When we were at school, I would always be greeted with a smile! Granted, there has been a lot time where she called me Abby instead of Becca, but that's what happens when you have an older sister! There were a few things that made school so much fun. Just to name off a few...

1. Guard Patrol. Yes, we got to wear bright orange vest and stand by the crosswalk to make sure everyone made it across safely. Once a year the wooden guards that stood proudly with us would disappear and we would spend all of our recess looking for them! 

2. The Bell. We had this old school bell right outside of the front doors and Mrs. O'Quinn would pick a student to ring the bell everyday before classes started!

3. School Plays. Not only were we adorable, but we were the most adorable! 

4. Principal for the Day. Mrs. O'Quinn got a day off once a year so a student could become principal of the year! 

5. Birthdays! We would get our picture taken and have a button that we would wear on our birthdays! Not only did we get that, but Mrs. O'Quinn would bring us on the TV in the morning to wish us a happy birthday in front of all the students! 

6. The Purple Monster. I only got to enjoy in for my first grade year, but it was the coolest playground ever! Actually, it still is! You never have the opportunity to get bored during recess. You've got The Purple Monster, the Worm, the slides, the swings.... We did have a merry-go-round at one point and time, but it disappeared! 

7. Lessons. Of course it was school, but I learned all of my greatest lessons there. We used to have student of the month in each of our classes and you got to be that if you showed respect and good sportsmanship! There was always a plus to being good! You would actually get your picture on a poster and hung up in the hallway so everyone in the school could see it! And you got a picture in the newspaper too! Sooo cool!

I'm bragging on this woman because she taught me the true qualities and a strong and faithful woman. The lessons that she taught me didn't stop at Perritt Primary school. I continued to see her be the same wonderful woman every single day! When the schools kept changing, she kept to the principals of good character and a healthy environment!

I always make sure that when I come home that I stop by the traditional service, walk to the back pew, and say hello. She always has something good to say even though she's been through so much! I only hope that I can be half the woman she is! I'm truly amazed with her (Even when she calls me Abby)!

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. (Proverbs 11:14)

These are a few senior pictures that I took on the Perritt Playground in 2012! It's so sad that the playground is now closed to the community! I will always remember the fun times that I had going to play there and walk the trails on the weekends with my family! Thanks Mrs. O'Quinn for always making the community a part of our school!

I wish it would let me rotate the dang thing! But anyways, this is my first school play at Perritt! I'm somewhere in that picture!
The Purple Monster!!!

The Infamous Worm!

The original playground set! If you can't tell, Horsie played a huge role in all of my pictures!


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