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Friday, December 14, 2012

Home Sweet Home......

Yesterday was a crazy day for me! I spend all Wednesday night/Thursday morning with my sweetheart, finished my math final, completed some photoshop things, drove home, visited Mama Ash, walked in the door, ate super with the family, and went to bed! 

It was a little hard for me to say some goodbyes in Clarksville. I've become really fond of that place! It's so weird to say this because I still can't believe that I'm living on my own, but it's almost like I'm just in Arkadelphia visiting... which is true.... wow... I'm growing up!

Today I went to see the cardiologist and get the testing done, the crazy thing?! They didn't even do the testing!! I was pretty ticked! The doctor jumped to a whole bunch of conclusions just like every other doctor and is going to put me on a heart monitor for a month. I don't know how to feel about that, except for the fact that we've been through this before. He told me my job was to have a spell or attack while the monitor was on. I'm not sure how that's going to go, but we'll figure it out. I'm not the most excited person in the world about wearing it.... But here's to figuring it out!

After I was done at the doctor I did a lot of going around town, trying to see people! I went to Burger Barn to see Shannon and Jucory, which was amazing! I missed them so much! They are incredible! Then I went to see Christopher! It was a huge surprise for him! We hugged and it was the most incredible feeling ever! I've missed his hugs so much! Then shortly after... I made my visit to Mary and Martha's, and then for pictures with Santa! Bean has gotten soooo big! I got to hold him and he's so heavy now! I love it! My sugar is growing up!! Then of course... I had to visit the girl I've called my best friend for the past 7 years... Anna Wee!! We actually got to talk about a lot of stuff, and it was pretty crazy! I missed that a lot! Shannon, Anna and I are going to have a girls day in January! I'm way too excited about it! 

Overall, the break is turning out to be a good thing! I didn't know how much I missed Arkadelphia, and it sure is good to be in my own room, with my own bed, listening to music (without headphones), and enjoying life! So amazing! 

Sooo... Merry Christmas! 


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