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Monday, February 18, 2013

"College Sweet College"......

This weekend was way too short! I had so much fun being at home, but I wasn't ready to go back right away. The three hour drive makes it harder for me to leave, and if Max wasn't with me then I probably would have stayed on Sunday night and left Monday morning! 

Having Max home with me was incredible! I seriously felt like the family was all there and nothing was missing. I told Max that him being with me is like my complicated puzzle called life is completed. I'm so lucky to find a best friend that I can share my life and family with! 

His first stop when we came into town was Chicken Express! Oh yeah... It's better than Dodges. He admitted it! Score! He got to meet Shannon and Anna and that was so much fun! We talked about things that were going on in our life and other stuff! After eating we made an impromptu visit to see Shannon's Family and Bean. I was so excited to see him and hold him! I miss that kid so much! He was pretty sick this weekend, but just seeing him made everything better! He then got the chance to meet the parents and it was amazing! They love him so much! I'm so excited to find a guy that fits in so well with my family! 

Heading back to College was bittersweet, but I let Max drive so I wouldn't fall asleep! He ended up talking my ear off about random stuff... I couldn't have found someone more like my dad! Haha! He's so funny when he starts rambling! 

Overall, I'm back here in College and today I'll get to see one of my best friends, Phoebe, as she tours the school! I hope she finds this place as a home to her as much as I do! I would love to share memories with her!

Before I go, I want to put out a special prayer request. One of my friends is having a rough time and I just ask that you lift her up! She really needs it! 

This is Max and I at Lake DeGray during the sunset! 

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  1. It was a great weekend. Max fit right in with our family. Hopefully he felt comfortable with us.
    Miss you sweet daughter! Four weeks to spring break. Focus on school and the time will go quickly. In the meantime, I will focus on getting our tax return filed and FAFSA stuff done. Ugh. Want to trade places? Maybe not...