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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Something Out There....

I've been thinking about this post all week long. I usually am not one to use vulgar words (or at least not anymore.. I'm trying my best to stop!) so it was making it very difficult to piece this post together. I was seriously thinking about naming this post a random cuss word just to catch your attention. it would though? Wouldn't it? After all the posts that I've wrote about becoming closer to God and my family, it would probably catch you a little bit by surprise. 

Have you ever came across someone that you put so high on a pedestal and then discovered one of their deepest darkest secrets? It takes you back a little bit, makes you think not only about them, but your relationship with them. 

"Has everything been a lie?"
"Do I really know them?"
"Why did they do this to themselves?"
"Did they think about anyone before they did that?"
"What will others think?"

Then they stump you with one single sentence...
"Please don't tell anyone about this."

You start to become nervous. You know that you won't be able to keep this a secret! It's way too good to keep all to yourself! You have no plans to tell the whole world to embarrass them, you just need someone to confide in. Before they told you that single sentence, it didn't cross your mind, but now it's a must. Still, you respond...
"Of course. This won't leave this room."

It sticks out there like a sore thumb in your mind every time you see them. All the good thoughts you ever had about them are completely gone and all you can see is the mess they've made of themselves. You have become the person that you hate. A judge-mental person. 

Since when did this happen to us? We see a Christian high school boy go down the condom aisle or a preacher walk down the ghetto, a best friend confess that he's suicidal or a parent admit they had an affair. All of these things shock us to a point where can't even comprehend where we are. 

Is this a bad thing that we think this way or is it human for us to make these connections?

The process of forgiveness is hard for us, but if we felt as if we never had to forgive them... Would there be a difference?

I know this may sound way too easy, but is it really in our place to have that resentment? We can tell them all day long that God forgives them with open arms and hope it registers in their brain, but does it ever register in our brain?

God has already forgiven them! He sent His ONLY son to die on a cross for all of us! He was PERFECT, we are not. We can not rate our sins and base them on our own scale, we need to put it on God's scale which says that ALL sin is equal. 

So think the next time before you think. 


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