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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Smile....

You know those moments that you have when you're so excited that you can't help but smile? 

It's those moments that make your heart beat extra fast, butterflies in your stomach, your legs start shaking, and your eyes are set on the prize. 

It's love. 

I have to admit that this semester looks to be a good one and I'm really excited about it! My schedule is laid out enough to give me breaks and sanity. I can't wait to get back in full swing again! I've really missed all of my Ozarks family. The last 33 days away have been a killer, but now that I'm here it's almost like I never left!

Thanks for being part of my life and giving me encouragement along the way. Without your love, my smile wouldn't exist. Continue to pray for me and my friends as we gain strength to get through the semester! 

Here we go....


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