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Friday, January 25, 2013


It's amazing how I can go onto the insights on my blog and see how many people view my page and where they are reading it from! I have people from Alaska that read my blog! That's crazy! 

Today I want to talk to you about viewing... not just on Blogs, but in every aspect of life. 

As most of you know, I used to weigh a lot more then I do now... as a matter of fact 80 more pounds. It's been crazy living my life in a skinny body, I'm treated in a totally different way then I would have ever imagined. I remember getting my senior pictures done the summer before senior year and looking at the results. I dressed extra pretty that day and when I looked at the results I was so disappointed. My face was huge, my body was sloppy, and the clothes looked like rags just to cover the fat.

I remember the views that people would give me on a daily basis. I could read the comments going through their mind about how much I should change. Even when it came to my Facebook... I would get comments about how pretty I was, but I would never believe it. I would think to myself about how people were just trying to make me feel better about myself. 

I'm glad that I lost the weight because people look at me in a totally different light, they accept me from the beginning. The views are completely different, and it's still hard to take it all in.

I found myself having a complete emotional break down yesterday because I couldn't comprehend the meaning of love. My boyfriend tells me that he loves me, but I couldn't believe it because I didn't think I was truly worthy of it. 

Isn't that something that we face all the time? Are we really worthy of everything that we receive? Or do we just take it for granted? The views that we deal with on a daily basis on social networks or on real life affect us.. good and bad. 

But as I've shared with you before and what I'm coming to discover again... If we accept ourselves as God's original masterpiece and do HIS will, not ours... we will see the views in a totally different light. I hope that you take the time today to ask God what HIS will is for you in every aspect of your life. Even if that's not your thing... it's amazing the answers you'll get.... 


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