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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Slow Dancing...

I use to watch all those movie of the little daughters learning how to dance by standing on their dad's feet. The dad would smile and hug her bending down just to touch her waist. It's beautiful and marvelous. This is how the perfect family looks like. No fighting, arguing, homemade supper every night, honest conversations..... The. Perfect. Family.

Is that possible? I want to think that's what my family will be like when I get older, but then I remind myself of who I am. 

Do you ever get that overwhelming fear of messing up? It's almost like you think about your future and you can't see anything! In my faith I've learned to "not worry about tomorrow.." but isn't that what the world teaches us to do? We go to school to prepare for college, we go to college to learn about who we are going to become, we date to find our partner, we work to get higher and higher positions, we grow old in nursing homes to prepare for death.... 

One of my biggest fears when I was little was messing up death. I remember being in Sunday School thinking to myself about this perfect heaven. I was so scared that I was going to screw it up when I got there. I can't imagine going to Heaven and being a person with no more sin, no more desire, and no more bad thoughts... 

See? Even now I think about the future. 

Maybe we should start to look back on how God is working in our life and stop worrying about what God is going to do next. That would help us to put our trust and love in Him.


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