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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beginning of the Rest of my Life......

Yesterday I was informed that I got a job! I had interviewed for a position in Coldwell Banker and two weeks later I got a call back! Today is my first day and I'm kind of nervous, but then again I am so happy to be in a office again! When I was back home, I worked in the best office ever. No, I didn't have my own desk or office, I sat across from my boss with the preacher's old laptop. But the atmosphere was the best part. We got into our arguments, but we also had many laughs, inside jokes, and crazy moments. I wasn't there 24/7 and they will remind me of that, but I was there more then the normal youth. I miss it so much and I'm hoping that this new job will help me to feel a little bit more at home.

I'm coming to realize more and more everyday that I'm now an adult. I know, shocker! I'm just so used to being gone from home for summer camp and that's what college began like. I found myself driving around town thinking that I didn't tell the adults I was leaving to go shopping. Then I started going out at nights thinking about curfew... Around week 3 it finally hit me. I'm a adult. I'm living on my own. This is my life.

One of the best things that I had ever heard was to never wait for things to get better. Never put a future goal or activity on such a pedestal that when you get there it won't be all it's cracked up to me. Don't wait for happiness to happen... Make happy happen now.

So here we go... the beginning of the rest of my life...

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