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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I'm taking this class called Interpersonal Communications and one of the main things that we do is blog! The topics go all the way from our view on the divorce rates to our view on "good" people going into sex shops. The professor that teaches the class loves me to death. Apparently when I write my blogs I'm completely honest in every single way and he has never met a person so open about their life. When I read the topics I always think about what I'm going to write and what message I'm conveying. It was really hard when I first started school because my brain was still in high school goodie two shoes mode, but I was wanting to "rebel" sooo bad. 

I really got a slap on the face when one of my friends came up to me and told me that he would read my blogs and think they were written by an absolutely marvelous Christian woman... and then there was me. I was trying so hard to put on a good face, but in all seriousness I was limiting myself to my true greatness given from God.

I even get scared when I'm writing this blog. I think to myself about how others are going to respond and hope that no one gets offended or feels like they have to change their ways because of what I have written. I haven't even told anyone about this blog yet. I keep telling myself that I'm going to publish it on Facebook so other people can read my thoughts of randomness, but I don't think that I'm ready for it. It's not that I'm afraid to be honest, well maybe I am. 

Maybe the question that I'm really trying to face is "Who am I?" I'm writing these posts from what comes completely out of my brain to the keyboard.... but I don't know if this is just another face of mine or the true me. 

I'll tell you who I desire to be. 
I desire to be a true Christian, woman of God, shining the light, reflecting the Son. 
I desire to make people smile even when they don't want to. 
I desire to teach people about God through worship design.
I desire to go to Australia and learn how produce a worship experience that begins the journey of faith in a person's life.
I desire to grow in faith everyday.
I desire to find true love.
I desire to have children... a little boy... Bob Michael :)
I desire to graduate college.
I desire to be honest, not holding back, entering the gates of Heaven after my time here, thinking to myself... "That was one hell of a ride!"


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