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Monday, October 22, 2012

Ehhh... Let's write another post...

Should I share the long list of homework that I have with you? Maybe I should share about the emotional breakdown that I had in the kitchen? Or better yet how delicious the chicken and rice tasted? Gahhh.... I'm so stressed out!

I was cooking to help get rid of some of the stress while listening to Kyle Thurman. It's always at the right time that I hear his lyrics to "Search Me". It helps me to be a better person and realize that God still has a hold on my life.

I just finished my math homework... you don't know how proud of myself I am. Yeah, it might have taken 3 hours, but I finished it! Thank you Kyle Eberhart! Best. Tutor. Ever.

Well if you're looking at the time stamp you will notice that it is way past Becca's bed time!


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