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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Contrary to Popular Belief....

Contrary to popular belief the book that I wrote is NOT about sex!

I know what you're thinking. The title of the book suggests that it does.. or does it? I'm not going to lie, it does make it extremely difficult to talk about the book. There has been multiple times where I have had conversations with people that sound a little bit like this:
"How are you doing Becca?"
"What have you been up to?"
"Well, I just published a book!"
"That's wonderful! What is it called?"
"God Knows What Sex Feels Like."
"Oh, well that's nice. I have to go, talk to you later."
End of conversation.

Do I have a chance at this? Should I have named my book something that makes people feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside? Is that what Christianity is about? When I was in youth, there were a lot of "battles" that I felt were constantly going on in the church. I kept wondering why the older generation kept turning away at everything we would do at the church unless it met their benefit or made them feel good.

I have never been the person that wants to conform to make other people happy, but I turned into that person when I was at a weak point in my life. The world kept telling me that in order to "make it" I would have to please people. Why did I ever buy into that lie? Why did WE buy into that lie? You know that you do it. You avoid certain topics around certain people or in particular places just to get approval. You know that it's not right and you really don't like it, but you do it anyways. Heck, what is our influence? TV, Magazines, and Ads that lie constantly just to get people to buy it. 

My book might have a "spicy" or "feisty" title, but I'm not holding back. I have thought about backing out and not releasing the book to the world, but I am. I'm not going to let people's gutter minds convince me to back down. Sex might be a taboo subject and a little odd to put in a Christian book, but that's the whole point. I have found that when I learn the biggest lessons in my life, it's when I'm uncomfortable or in awkward situations. 

You don't have to read my book, you really don't! But I ask one thing of you... respect my voice. You might not agree with me and my opinions and that's perfectly fine, but I hope that it will allow you to look into scripture and help you to develop your own view. 


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