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Monday, January 20, 2014

On Hold...

It's the beginning of a wonderful semester! I've been back a school for a little over 24 hours and things really aren't kicking in just yet. Today, I got to see Ty, register for classes, work in the chapel and then watch the wonderful season finale of NCIS! It's a little weird not having homework yet, but I'm sure that I'll regret saying that as soon as classes get started!

As of this moment in time, I am on hold with HP Smartfriends Services trying to see if I can get my webcam fixed on my computer! The 30 second clip of music that they have playing on repeat is pretty entertaining (said no one ever). 

When I first discovered that my computer was broken, I called HP to try and fix it. I ended up having to pay a ridiculous fee and subscription just to figure out if they could fix it at all. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't worth it. After eight hours of them messing around on my computer, I got irritated and called it a day. When I called again to see if I could be refunded my money, they told me it wasn't possible and that if I wanted to canceled my services with them, I would have to pay $70!! How dumb is that! As you can tell, I was not very happy. I'm paying over $100 for something that didn't even get resolved! 

My first thought process was, "refund." They responded with, "No ma'am, we already paid the people who attempted to fix your computer." It's not fair! Why should my money go to someone who doesn't fix my problems?!

I started to think about my Christian lifestyle and the refunds that I ask for from Jesus. Did you ever think of your sins like refunds? You do something and then you realize that it probably wasn't the best thing to do so ask Jesus to take it away! What do you get back from it? A guilt-free conscious? I don't know about you, but I can ask for forgiveness a million and one times and still feel like I'm the worst person in the world! 

My Residential Assistant from my freshman year of college told me something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I told her that I was really upset with the things that I was doing and I kept asking God for forgiveness, but I felt like it wasn't working. She asked me the best question I've ever been asked, "Becca, God will always forgive you, are you willing to forgive yourself?"

Is a refund worth it if the object isn't broken or if you didn't receive incredible service? I would think that it would be a little unnecessary. It would be a lie to the company. It's like using the product for a party and then returning it after because you never need it again. 

In order to get our a "full refund" from Jesus, we need to admit that we are broken and need fixing. We NEED fixing. We are never going to be in a perfect spot in our life, wouldn't realizing that help us out of our slump of depressions and beating ourselves up?

We might be broken, but we have the best customer service rep to help guide us and get our life back on track! Do you  need a refund?

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
(2 Corinthians 5:17)


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