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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


My favorite thing in the whole wide world is flowers. There's no doubt about it! If you get me flowers out of the blue, you're automatically my best friend. End of story!

Today I went to my flower shop in my hometown to pick out some flowers to surprise my sister with. It was her first day back at work this semester and I thought it would make her smile! It did! The florist filled the vase with what I believe to be the most beautiful flower, gerbra-daises! She also put all sorts of greenery with it! It was beautiful! I got the flowers and took them to her office at school. 

I know you're waiting for one of my "sermon moments", well I'm getting there. When I pulled into the Henderson parking lot I got an overwhelming feeling. The feeling of being stared at. Of course I was carrying a huge thing of flowers, but it still was really awkward. I walked into the building and of course I had no idea where my sister's office was so I was asking people that I saw. Can I tell you how awkward that was? I all the sudden felt like a tiny little high school student that didn't belong in that building. Compared to the Ozarks campus, it was huge! It was way too easy to get lost in there! 

Those flowers are eventually going to die. It's going to wither and become ugly. It's fate! My mom is an accountant and she always asks me why I buy flowers. She thinks it's a waste of money because they die so quickly. It got me thinking about my life and my place in God's plan. In all actuality, my time here on Earth is very short. Why would God put any effort into making me His masterpiece if he knows that I'm eventually going to die? I honestly think it's for the same reason that florist put time into making a normal flower into the most beautiful creation a person has ever seen. It's more than just pleasing the customer, it's about putting an impression of love on people. 

I always feel so special when I get flowers. I know that someone took the time to put personality into the flowers. They thought about what my interest were and how to put an impression on my heart. Is that God's goal? Are we created to put an impression on certain people's hearts? It's true, we might not be the right personality for every single person in this world. That's why God made us all different, to show His creation in different types of ways to all kinds of people!

You are unique and designed for a purpose. Don't change who you are to reach certain types of people, instead look at the people that God delivers you to. He has a plan. Are you going to fulfill it?


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