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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Thankful...

What's the cheesiest quote that I've ever heard? Glad you asked!

"If you aren't in pain, you're dead."

That quote means a lot to me this week. I'm not the happiest person in the world, wishing that I was at the table with my family eating until I couldn't eat anymore.

But instead, I'm laying in bed.... Beautiful.

This post was actually inspired by Facebook. Seriously?! Yeah... I have no life.

I was thinking about writing a status that talks about all the things I'm thankful for. Like I said, It's kinda hard to come up with something this week, but I'm managing to have a little bit of thought.

Let's just start listing.. Shall We?

My Family. That's a broad term actually because I have so many people I consider to be in family. So let me downsize this statement to my Biological Family. Rose, my Mom.. Fred, my Dad... and Abby, my sister. As much as we've gone through together... They've always taken me back...

My Friends. It used to not be many, but now I have quite a few. All the way from my very first friend, Anna Bell... to my Ozarks RTV friends. They all have a special place in my heart and I consider them all to be brothers and sisters to me. I will never abandon them, for God gave me the gift of unconditional love so I will return it towards the people that come into my life.

Cameras. Yeah, I said it. I LOVE to take pictures and most importantly people take pictures of me. I just love the feeling of complete rush. You're in charge of what you capture and what you don't.

Worship Design. This is pretty high on the list. I love being able to walk into a church, sit down behind the computer, and make the service happen. It's my act of worship. God works through me in every way possible... even when I mess everything up.

Relationships. God has put some wonderful men in my life so far. Every relationship is a lesson and it has helped me to grow more as a person. I'm even more thankful for the relationship that I'm in now. To have someone that I can share the same faith with makes me the happiest girl in the world. 

Ozarks. I might not be the smartest person when it comes to worrying about money or how I'm going to live after college, but I have come to understand that my life right now at Ozarks is the best possible thing. I knew from the moment that I stepped on campus that I was in the right place and God was going to be able to work through me no matter what. 

Social Media. I am a big Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Fan. They help me to connect with people that I wouldn't see on a daily basis. I'm so happy that my family back in New York can check up on me and I can do the same. 

Talking. That's a simple thing to be thankful for, but I'm serious. My mouth does a lot of things... it relays messages, prays, cusses, praises, laughs, smiles, frowns, but most importantly speaks. I'm able to be me and the only way that I can do that is through talking. I'm a talker! Can you believe that?!

My Bed. Yeah, it's pretty comfortable. Actually.. I'm laying in it right now! Wanna know why? It's bedtime! Goodnight everyone... stay strong and be thankful.... Everyday... Not just today...


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