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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Turning Around....

I just noticed that the last few titles of my blog posts almost sound like the Hokey Pokey... Yeah, welcome to my life!

Today has been hard.. Last night my dizziness got really bad while I was at church. I ended up pouring my heart out to the band members at church and they were so welcoming, I can't tell them enough how much that meant to me. Since I wasn't really up to driving one of the guys gave me a ride back to the dorm. I'm so thankful for the family that I have here in Clarksville!

I was laying in bed trying to figure out something that I could do when I looked over and saw my Bible. To be honest, it has been sitting there for awhile. I haven't opened it except for church on Sunday morning. The bookmarks that I have in it are from lessons that I have taught over the years, but not from studying. I always told myself that it was one of my big goals to study the Bible and really get into scripture, but I never really had the desire. 

I remember when I first started out in youth and Mike was getting us ready for worship. He told me to look up a Bible verse for him in the book of psalms and when I found it I just kept reading. When I finally looked up from reading, I was sitting on the stage, 10 minutes of worship had gone by, and the worship leader was wrapping up the first set. I don't know where that passion went, but I want it back. 

Today I started formatting a new worship service that the school is going to offer and in doing so I ran across a lot of great scripture. I'm so thrilled to get the opportunity to preach in front of the Ozarks student body next semester. I was really praying about what God wants to see in this service and I have a feeling that it's going to be one like no other! 

So here's to new beginnings... Continue praying for me and the people around you. 


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