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Friday, November 30, 2012


You ever get those days where you wake up and just know that it's going to be amazing? Today was that kind of day! I woke up in an incredible mood and was ready to take on the day!

Yesterday I was pretty dizzy, and today the rest kicked int! I was so happy to finally be feeling better! 

Tomorrow is the big Winter Formal for school! I was really hesitant about going because I don't have a date to go with, but I think my roommate and I might go together! I don't want to put my little black dress to waste! ;)

Last night when I was hanging out with one of my friends I had a big realization. We were talking about opening our Bibles more and having quiet time with God. 

This is probably where I have one of my biggest downfalls. I don't open my Bible near as much as I should and just yesterday when I started to do it again I felt such a relief. 

I know I shouldn't be in worship to feel something for myself, but instead to give something to God... It's just sometimes it makes more sense. We have things that happen in our life and when it gets tough it makes sense to turn back to God. 

What happens when good things happen in our life? Because to be honest right now, it's really hard to open my Bible tonight since I've had such a good day. 

So here we are! Shall we open our Bibles, read into God's word, and remember the meaning of this season? 

Here's something to get you started! 
50 Bible Verses to Hold Close


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