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Monday, November 26, 2012


When I was little the school that I went to had a Merry-Go-Round. Of course no schools to this day have one, but at recess that was the thing to play on! The bigger kids would be the ones that would spin us round and round and you always screamed, no matter how fast you were going!

I remember one day when I went out to recess one of the older kids told me that his friend was thrown off the Merry-Go-Round last week because he made it go fast! So guess Becca did? Never rode that ride ever again!

I'll go back to the playground every once and while and see the stump where it used to be and remember about how I never took the chance to see what it would have been like to ride it a little bit faster. 

Life gets like that for me. I get so worried about what people tell me or how they respond to situations, maybe I'll end up just like them so I don't move forward. 

I like the rush that I used to get on those rides. The only thing you had to worry about is hanging on. Being a Christian I see that I with every step, chance, move forward that I take I have one amazing God holding onto me. 

I'm so amazed at the life that I had, and I couldn't be more thankful.

*Raises Glass*

Here's to getting back on the Merry-Go-Round!


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