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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Should've Done That....

You know what I've come to notice over the past few days?

Everyone's a coach during a bad football game.
Everyone's a weather man during a tornado.

I went to the Henderson State University Play-off game and when the score started getting bad... the crowd starting coaching.

"You should have caught that!"
"Why didn't you throw it to the other player?!"
"Are you stupid or something?! Play!"

And when 4th quarter came and it looked to be no more hope... everyone left. Heck.. I left too!

I really started to think about my life and how I could apply this, and I came up with a pretty amazing explanation! This is good too! 

When we read the Bible, do we think in terms of, "I'm going to apply this to my life!" or "Oh shit! I screwed it up all along!"

Honestly... I'm the second one. Let's stop worrying about the past and start focusing on the future! The woulda shoulda stuff doesn't matter anymore! We are hear to proclaim God's news TODAY.. Not yesterday! So put down your scale and start moving forward.. you'll work yourself out of the rut one day, but let's just focus on being new people! 

Pray about it!

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