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Sunday, November 4, 2012


You know the story about the Prodigal Son... 

Son wants his Inheritance.
Father gives it to him.
Son goes butt wild and crazy.
Son runs out of money.
Son goes home.
Father has open arms.
Father throws party.
Other son gets jealous.
Father reminds other son that he already had everything.

Sounds about right? 

My story for the most part is the one of the good one. The one that you don't hear much about? Yeah, that was me. I convinced myself that I was bad just so I could have a good story, but it never really worked out for me. 

Don't get me wrong... I mess up and make stupid decisions, but I don't regret them for anything. I think that things happen in your life for a reason... To learn and grow. That's so cliche I know I know, but seriously think about it....

I love this story because of the open arms that the father has to the son. He messed up and comes back to a completely unconditional father. That's my goal in life... to be as unconditional as possible. I'm screwing that up right now, but besides that... I don't know how to react most of the time... I guess my anger gets the best of me. I toggle between the father and the other son.. I'll be unconditional unless there is nothing in for me. That sounds sooo selfish, and it is! I'm trying to fix it.. so far so good. 

I'm really getting back to a solid prayer life again... asking God to come in and renovate me again. I've been through the recreation process so many times... It's ridiculous. I'm glad He has open arms... Even for the ones who stay.


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